Sanitary Sewer Best Practices: Reminder of Non-Flushable Items

Did you know? When you use your toilet, shower, washing machine or dishwasher, wastewater leaves your home through pipes that connect to the Town’s sanitary sewer system and enters the wastewater treatment facilities!

Putting the wrong items down the drain can damage the sewer system causing sewer backups in your home. When unflushable material is flushed, the wastewater treatment plant pumps can clog causing wastewater to bypass treatment processes and flow directly into Penetanguishene Bay.

Reminder: The only things you should ever flush down a toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Even though some products such as wipes and baby diapers claim to be flushable, they are not.

Below is a list of materials and items that are NOT to be flushed in toilets.  

  • disposable diapers  
  • tampons and tampon applicators
  • sanitary napkins
  • cotton balls and swabs
  • Mini or maxi pads    
  • condoms
  • cleaning wipes of any kind
  • contact lenses
  • bandages and bandage wrapping
  • automotive fluids, fuels, oils
  • paint, solvents, sealants and thinners
  • poisons, and hazardous waste
  • dental floss
  • medications
  • cigarette butts
  • kitchen fats, oils, grease                                       

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Should you have any questions please contact Mark Charlebois by email at or calling 705-549-8784.

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