RFP 2018-21 Addendum #2 Building Condition Assessments

The Town of Penetanguishene has issued Addendum #2 relating to the Request for Proposal 2018-21, Building Condition Assessments.  The addendum has been issued by the Town of Penetanguishene Recreation and Community Services Department to revise and clarify selected sections within the original Requests for Proposal document.

Copies of the Addendum will be provided at the Town Office at the following address:  10 Robert Street West, P.O. Box 5009, Penetanguishene, Ontario, L9M 2G2 or go to Bids & Tenders.com and search under MuniSERV.  Alternatively, click the hyperlink that will take you directly to the appropriate page.  If you have any questions please contact the following:
Sherry Desjardins 
Director of Recreation and Community Services 
705-549-7453 Ext. 231 (Town Office)     



Addendum #2 - RFP 2018-21 Building Consition Assessments (2)

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