Main Street Reconstruction Update - September 14, 2018

Main Street Reconstruction Update - September 14, 2018

A highlight this week has been the opening of the hill to vehicular traffic and although the area may be subject to a short term closure in the future, the angle parking has been made available which is already being used. JB Enterprises Ltd. has completed the following work for the week ending September 14, 2018:

  • Sanitary main line has been completed to O.L. Dubeau Street;
  • Sanitary Services and water services have been completed south of Edward Street;
  • Seat Walls have been placed south of Robert Street on Main Street;
  • Excavation and Granular placement for road bed completed to Edward Street from Jeffery Street;
  • Sidewalk removed from Robert Street to Jeffery Street;
  • Completed bollard concrete bases from Robert Street to 183 Main Street;
  • Completed asphalt pulverizing to Thompsons Road; and,
  • Three water valves replaced on existing water main from Jeffery Street to Edward Street. 

The following items are scheduled to be completed for the week of September 17, 2018 to September 21, 2018:

  • Continue sanitary mainline sewer heading south to Thompsons Road;
  • Continue boulevard stones from Brock Street to Robert Street;
  • Continue water servicing from Edward Street heading south;
  • Continue excavation and granular placement from Edward Street heading south;
  • Continue sidewalk removal from Jeffery Street heading south;
  • Complete Curbs and sidewalk from Robert Street to Jeffery Street;
  • Continue sanitary services from Edward Street heading south; and,
  • Continue replacing water Valves on an as needed basis from Edward Street to Thompson Road.

 Garbage collection has been working very well to date so thank you to all the residents and businesses that have been able to have the garbage and recycling to the curb by 6:00 am. For those living in the area that is currently under construction, please have your solid waste to the curb by 6:00am as the County of Simcoe trucks are completing the collection on the Main Street prior to JB Construction being on site. 

 As the reconstruction moves along Main Street towards the plaza entrances which house the Delta Bingo & Gaming Center, Pizza Nova, Pan Mai Restaurant, Main Street Computers and the office of Dr. Ken Leroux there will be an alternate entrance put in place.  The ownership at Gignac’s Auto Service has graciously allowed access to the plaza by using the entrance off Edward Street behind the garage.  Please respect the business owners and do not occupy parking spaces at Gignac’s Auto Service if your intention is to access a business in the plaza.  Directional fencing will be installed to define the path for plaza access.  A maphas been attached which identifies the different parking areas and the access. 

 With the reopening of the hill from Robert Street to Water Street/Simcoe Street, we ask that all traffic obey the temporary Stop signs that have been put in place.  Traffic will have access from three (3) directions so please be aware as you move through this intersection. 

Thank you to everyone for your unrelenting support and a special thank you to the merchants on the hill portion of the Main Street for your continued patience.  Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Public Works Department at 549-7992 or visit the Town of Penetanguishene website at

Bryan Murray, P. Eng.
Director of Public Works
Town of Penetanguishene



Angel Gate Parking Map

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