Council & Committee of the Whole Highlights: September 13, 2023

Council Highlights provide a brief overview of noteworthy decisions and presentations made at Town of Penetanguishene Council meetings. Detailed agendas and minutes from the meetings are available on our website. This meeting is available for viewing on our YouTube Channel. 

Special Council

Council convened in Closed Session in accordance with the Town of Penetanguishene Procedural By-law 2019-25, the Council of the Town of Penetanguishene move into an in-camera session to discuss:

  • Request to Purchase a portion of 2 Robillard Drive. Council did not declare the lands surplus to the Town’s needs.
  • Appeal of Committee of Adjustment Decision Application A7/2023 for 23 Don Street in which Council directed staff to retain Loopstra Nixon LLP and defend the decision of the Committee of Adjustment.
  • Legal and Insurance Claims Update 2023
  • Ombudsman Confidential Preliminary Report


  • Mayor Rawson proclaimed September 2023 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. A flag-raising was held earlier in the day to acknowledge the proclamation.
  • Council held a public meeting regarding the Zoning By-law Amendment for 120 Military Road and Zoning By-law Amendment for Fox Street and 2 Hope Street. Two members of the public made comments on the proposed height of the development (5 stories) and how public notice is given about the proposal.
  • Council directed Staff to prepare a report for a future Council meeting to address comments received at the Public Meeting regarding both proposed Zoning By-law Amendments.
  • Councillor G. Vadeboncoeur Moved a Notice of Motion regarding options for 51 Dunlop Street as a multi-use recreation facility the motion was Seconded by Mayor D. Rawson and will be discussed and voted upon at the October 11, 2023 Council meeting.
  • Council passed 3 by-laws, including:
    • 2023-49 Being a By-Law to Repeal By-law 2023-43 Being a By-law to Consolidate the Traffic/Parking and Use of Highways Regulations and to Repeal By-law No. 2022-02 and All Amendments to the Same
    • 2023-50 Being a By-law of The Corporation of the Town of Penetanguishene to Govern the Proceedings of Council and its Committees (Procedure Manual for Council and Committees) and to Repeal By-law 2019-25
    • 2023-51 Being a By-law to establish the position of screening officer for the purposes of administration of an administrative monetary penalty system within the Town of Penetanguishene

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole (Committee) facilitates the decision-making process of Council. The Committee is comprised of all members of Council who fully participate in debate and forward recommendations to Council for final decision. Items that are discussed in Committee of the Whole are to be ratified at Council’s next meeting.


  • Committee approved the Installation of Fuel Storage Tanks and Fueling Station at 24 Centennial Drive as presented.
  • Committee directed the Traffic Control Trial & Traffic Control and Calming Policy back to staff for further investigation on options for traffic calming.


  • Committee received the All Things Canadian Post-Event Summary for information.
  • Committee approved the Fee Waiver Policy Update as presented.
  • Committee approved the Summer Cultural Event recommendation as outlined.


  • Committee received a memo from the Director of Planning and Community Services regarding an application for a Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment for 1255 Fuller Avenue for information. A Public Meeting is scheduled for the Council meeting on October 11, 2023.
  • Committee received the Municipal Law Enforcement Monthly Activity Report for August 2023 for information.
  • Committee received a Building Permit Activity Report for information.
  • Committee received a report for information on the options for the extension of Beaulieu Drive to Lecarron Avenue.
  • Committee received the Building Permit Fee Review for information and directed staff to schedule a Public Meeting to consider input from the public on possible changes to Building Permit Fees.
  • Committee approved the recommendation to pass a Zoning By-law Amendment Z.A. 5/2023 for Multiple Dwelling Units in the Downtown and Waterfront Zone as presented.
  • Committee approved the recommendation for a By-law to Lift Part Lot Control for the property municipally legally described as being Blocks 1, 2, 3 and 5 on Plan 51M-1234 as presented.


  • Committee deferred the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference Follow-up to the October 2023 meeting.
  • Committee approved the Fire and Emergency Services Dispatch Services Agreement with Barrie Fire and Emergency Services as presented.
  • Committee approved the Community Based Strategic Plan as presented.
  • Committee approved the Arena Financial Contribution from the Township of Tiny Report as presented.
  • Committee approved the Youth Endowment Fund Annual Report as presented.

Committee Upcoming Meetings and other community events are listed on our website.

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Sarah Dusome

Communications & Technology Coordinator

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