Strategic Plan

The Town is updating their Strategic Plan 

Being the start of a new term of Council, it’s the ideal time to analyze the critical issues that face the community and require Council’s attention. Updating the strategic plan will provide a clear defined direction for the municipality and provide the ability to measure performance which will not only enhance accountability and transparency but also ensure efficient operation of the Town.

What is a Municipal Strategic Plan?

The goal and intent of the plan is to achieve a strategic scope that is reflective of the principles, values, physical and fiscal resources, and collective will of the residents. By focusing on a longer term and vision for the Town, there's a potential for the plan to be utilized over a longer period and by more than one term of Council.  Rather than simply reacting to change, the Town can use the strategic planning process to examine issues and concerns. The results of this project not only have countless benefits for Council but it will assist staff in making appropriate recommendations that are consistent with the corporate mission, vision and goals.


Through a request for proposal process, Council decided to engage a neutral and objective third party to assist and guide Council and staff in the development of a community based strategic plan.  The Municipal Strategic Planning Associates were the successful proponent and will be assisting the Town through the Strategic Plan process.

How can you get involved?

A large part of the project will be engaging residents, businesses and other community service based groups/agencies to identify and define the key values held by the community with respect to key services and future vision.  A part of that process will include a comprehensive public consultation process which will be guided by the consultants.

Public Survey
We welcome your thoughts and feedback by completing a survey designed to provide Council, staff and the strategic plan facilatators valuable information in planning for the future of the Town.


Social Media
Throughout the summer months there will be postings on the Town's social media accounts where residents, businesses and community groups will have the opportunity to respond to some of the same questions Council will also be responding to. The goal of this process is to engage the public and hopefully encourage good conversation. 

Public Meeting
In June, all interested residents will be invited to a public meeting to discuss the Strategic Plan project and obtain feedback, ideas and direction for Council moving forward.  Look for the notices on our website and social media for details of the meeting.

Community Organizations
Over the next two months, the consultants will be meeting with various boards and committees, community associations and  organizations.   Consultations will also be conducted with the neighbouring communities of Midland, Tiny and Tay Township.  

2014-2017 Strategic Plan