Public Works

Public Works Building

Public Works is the department that provides the water you draw from the tap for your morning coffee or shower; the roads you drive on; and the environmental spaces within our community. The Mission Statement and Objectives of the Public Works Department are:

  • To preserve the existing physical infrastructure through lifecycle costing and to expand that inventory as required to meet existing and new demands for cost-effective municipal services;
  • To provide the residents of the Town of Penetanguishene with effective and timely maintenance of the Towns' roads, boulevards and sidewalks to the standards established by the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards;
  • To meet the Province of Ontario Drinking Water Standards and the Town's Certificate of Approvals for the taking and treating of water;
  • To meet the Provincial Certificate of Approval requirements for the treatment of waste water;
  • To ensure that stormwater is effectively managed and treated before being discharged into Georgian Bay;
  • Maintain all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping for municipal departments and services

The Public Works Department is made up of 3 Divisions.  Click on the title for addition information about each division.

 Public Works Department scheduled work that may affect roads, sidewalks and/or water.  (Click on link below for details.)

County Road 93 (Penetanguishene Road)Municipal Class Enivironmental Assessment Study

Background Information

The County of Simcoe, in partnership with the Towns of Midland and Penetanguishene, is proposing to upgrade County Road 93 (Penetanguishene Road) from Highway 12 in Midland to Thompsons Road in Penetanguishene.  The study area is shown on the map provided on the reverse of this notice. 

The proposed upgrades will be planned within the framework of the Complete Streets concept and in consideration of the natural, socio-economic and heritage environments, the needs of motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, County of Simcoe and Town of Midland/Town of Penetanguishene standards, and surface drainage requirements with the objective of providing safe and efficient travel for all road users.

For further details click on the notices below:

Notice of Study Completion

Notice of Study Commencement

Notice of Public Information Centre

Risk Assessment - Ojibwa Landing Brownfield Site

Introduction to Risk Assessment - Ojibwa Landing Brownfield Site, Penetanguishene, ON October 2017

This Public Notice has been prepared to inform the neighbouring property owners of the Ojibwa Landing Brownfield Site located at 111 Robert Street West in Penetanguishene, Ontario, of the proposed redevelopment and environmental work being conducted by the property Owner, the Corporation of the Town of Penetanguishene (the 'Town').

For further details click on the notices below:

1.  Public Notice # 1 - Introduction to Risk Assessment - Ojibwa Landing Brownfield Site, Penetanguishene, ON October 2017

2.  Ojibwa Landing, Penetanguishene Site Development & Risk Assessment - Information