Police Services Board


The Penetanguishene Police Services Board, with the Town and Detachment Commander will recommend priorities with respect to police services in the municipality and monitor police functions to ensure there is O.P.P. adequate and effective police services in the municipality in order that our Town remains a safe place to live, work and play.

The Southern Georgian Bay OPP 2017-2019 Action Plan is now available for viewing.

2014-2018 Police Service Board Members

  • VACANT, Provincial Representative
  • Peter Graham, Provincial Representative
  • George Vadeboncoeur, Community Representative
  • Anita Dubeau, Deputy Mayor
  • Brad Saunders, Councillor 
  • Jeff Lees, CAO, Staff Liaison 

View Penetanguishene Police Services Board Rules, Procedures & Protocols

Objectives and Work Initiatives

  • Work with the Police Service and the Town to deliver a quality, effective and adequate Policing service to the residents and businesses within the Town of Penetanguishene.
  • Continue to enforce provincial statutes and municipal by-laws to maintain a safe and secure community.
  • Continue to increase visibility particularly in the Downtown and high crime areas.
  • Continued enforcement to ensure safer highways, trails and waterways.
  • Enhancement of Crime Prevention Programs in the areas of drug abuse, related crime trends, drinking and driving and thefts from motor vehicles by engaging community and educations stakeholders.
  • To investigate opportunities to increase communication with the public (ie. Open House, Educational Forums, participation in local events, Town Page advertising and website)
  • Establish Ad Hoc Committees on an as required basis for the coordination of special projects and/or initiatives including the establishment of a Community Watch Program.

Schedule of Meetings