Community Wellbeing Committee

Sunset on Penetang Harbour

Community Wellbeing Committee Membership

Total membership of public 8 members including:
Minimum one (1) member of the public representing Seniors
Minimum one (1) member of the public representing Youth (age 16-30)
Minimum one (1) member of the public representing Accessibility
Minimum one (1) member of the public representing the Francophone community
Minimum one (1) member of the public representing the Indigenous community
Three (3) members of the public at large
One (1) Council representative (designated by the Mayor and ratified by Council)
Staff representatives (to be determined by the CAO)

Committee Mandate:

To provide support and advice to Council, applicable Staff and other associated Advisory Committees relative to enhancing the health and quality of life for Penetanguishene residents through a wide range of innovative, inclusive, and accessible events, programs, and infrastructure; providing opportunities for physical activity, social interaction and community engagement for all ages and demographics. 

  • Prepare a yearly work plan reviewing events, programming, parks, and facilities related to how and when residents access and utilize while consistently and conscientiously removing barriers for all ages and demographics.
  • Assist staff in the development and implementation of long range recreation, community and visitor services in accordance with the Recreation Master Plan and the Strategic Plan.
  • Review potential capital projects and long range capital plans for the Town of Penetanguishene.
  • Assist with the development of new and innovative programs and services that positively affect the operation of the Town of Penetanguishene. These could include, but are not limited to: infrastructure, access by all, use of community facilities, park acquisition and development, trail and waterfront development, maintenance standards, community service planning/mapping, promotion and marketing and volunteer development.
  • Advocate the benefits of the event and programming services to residents of the Municipality. The advocacy will be based on the social, economic, personal and environmental benefits.
  • Liaise with the broader community to provide input and advice relating to provision of events, programs, facilities and community opportunities and services. This assistance may also include developing and nurturing of new partnerships and collaborations.
  • Host public meetings and consult with the community at large on major event and facility developments
  • Develop opportunities for volunteerism through supporting of projects and services related to Recreationand Community Services.