Sewer Blockage

Sewage Blockage Policy

  1. Purpose

    • To provide a policy for the call-out of Town Staff to deal with sewer service blockages.
  2. Policy

    • The primary responsibility to address a sewer blockage rests with the homeowner. If a blockage occurs, the homeowner is to hire a certified plumber to clear the blockage. The Town staff will attend the site once the blockage is cleared and a camera inspection has been arranged with the Roads Department Supervisor or his designate. Unless it is an emergency situation, any blockage that occurs and is cleared after hours or on a weekend and the homeowner wishes to have the cause investigated, a video inspection will be scheduled for the next business day at time which is convenient to the homeowner.
  3. Procedures

    • Should the Public Works Department receive an after hours call with regards to a blockage in a sewer service, the following procedure shall be followed
      1. The Public Works Supervisor during regular business hours or the on-call employee after hours shall contact the homeowner and explain that they must hire a certified plumber to clear the blockage and explain that after the blockage is cleared a video inspection of pipe can be arranged with the Roads Department, at no cost to the homeowner, to help determine the cause.
      2. If the camera inspection shows that the problem originated from the Town service line, the property owner shall be advised that it is within their rights to submit the plumber bill to the Town for reimbursement
      3. Should the blockage require immediate excavation for clearing, the Public Works Supervisor or his designate is to be responsible for calling in the required staff and equipment and ensure the necessary work is carried out.
  4. Dispute

    • If there is a dispute between the property owner and the Public Works Department as to the location of the blockage, and it cannot be resolved at the staff level, the Transportation and Environmental Services Section of the Coordinated Section Committee shall resolve the dispute. Their decision shall be deemed to be final.
  5. Responsibility

    • The Public Works Department shall be responsible for the implementation of this policy.


This policy shall be administered by the Public Works Department.