Main Street with Wayfindging Sign

The Town of Penetanguishene provides for parking throughout the community. On-street parking and use of Municipal Parking Lots are permitted during posted time periods. Fire Routes and Designated Disabled Parking spaces are also enforced.

Winter Parking Restrictions

No person shall park a vehicle on any highway between the hours of one (1) a.m and seven (7) a.m. between November 1st in any year until April 1st of the following year.

Parking Regulations in the Town of Penetanguishene

View the Traffic Parking By-law

Parking Prohibited in Certain Places on a Highway.

Important Notice: On-street parking is not permitted during snowstorms, as it impedes winter control operations.

Unless specifically permitted by other provisions of this By-law, no person shall park any vehicle:

  • on any portion of a sidewalk in a manner that would obstruct the sidewalk;
  • within three (3) metres (10 ft.) of a point on the curb or edge of roadway opposite any fire hydrant in any direction;
  • in front of any portion of a public or private driveway or laneway;
  • within one (1) metre (3.2 ft.) of a private driveway;
  • within an intersection or within nine (9) metres (30 ft.) of an intersection;
  • on any roadway having an overall width of less than six (6) metres (20 ft.);
  • in such a manner as to obstruct traffic;
  • on any portion of a boulevard;
  • in such a position as will prevent the convenient removal of any other vehicle previously parked or left standing;
  • on any portion of a crosswalk or pedestrian crossover;
  • where parking spaces are designated by lines painted on the roadway, except within the area designated as a parking space;
  • for the purpose of repairing vehicles except in cases of emergency;
  • In any area where 'No Parking Anytime' signs are displayed;
  • Facing the wrong direction on the road;
  • In a manner that obstructs traffic, road repair or snow removal;
  • In a space designated for persons with disabilities without displaying a valid disabled person's permit.