Council and Committee of the Whole Highlights: September 9th, 2020

Posted on Thursday September 10, 2020

To ensure social distancing provisions are maintained, this meeting will be available for viewing on Rogers TV only as staff and members of Council will be participating in the meeting electronically. The open session portion of the meeting is posted on our YouTube Channel for viewing.


  • Council held the Statutory Public Meeting with respect to applications under the Zoning By-law to remove the Holding “H” Symbols for the following properties; 344 Watson Road, 44 Wozniak Road and 53 Polish Avenue. No comments from the public were made.  
  • Council received a presentation from Rob Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA on behalf of the Midland YMCA and the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Council received a presentation from Melissa Carruthers, Risk Management Official/Inspector regarding risk management services regarding DWSP 101 Risk Management Services and Source Protection Authority.
  • Council approved the Penetanguishene Memorial Community Centre Reopening plan as presented.
  • Council approved the Municipal Transit Enhanced Cleaning (MTEC) Transfer Payment Agreement as presented.
  • Council approved Committee of the Whole recommendations from August 12, 2020 relating to Recreation and Community Services, Planning and Development Services, Transportation and Environmental Services and Finance and Corporate Services.
  • Council passed five by-laws, including by-laws to remove the ‘H’ Symbol from the following properties 344 Watson Road, 53 Polish Avenue and 44 Wozniak Road, a by-law to authorize the extended use of sidewalks and boulevards, and a by-law to Authorize the Entering into of a License Agreement with Clarence Moreau for the use of town lands for the provision of food and beverages to members of the public.

Committee of the Whole:

  • Committee received Council Information package from September 9th, 2020 for information.
  • Committee received Midland Penetanguishene Transit Ridership monthly update for the months June and July 2020 for information.
  • Committee received DWQMS Management Review meeting minutes for September 2019 and December 2019 for information.
  • Committee received memo to council regarding Municipal By-Law Monthly Activity Report.
  • Committee received memo to council regarding Business Recovery Task Force Meeting #2.
  • Committee received memo to council regarding Animal Control Monthly Comparative Report - June & July 2020.
  • Committee received three memos to council regarding Complete Application for Zoning By-law Amendment for the following properties; 38 Poyntz Street, 136 Fox Street and 17 Peel Street.
  • Committee approved The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Report.
  • Committee approved the 2021 Budget Goals, Objectives and Guidelines report as presented.
  • Committee approved the request to adopt “Penetanguishene Song” written by Charles Duquette as the Town’s official theme song.

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