Council Highlights July 8th, 2020

Posted on Thursday July 09, 2020

Council Meeting Highlights – July 8th, 2020

To ensure social distancing provisions are maintained, this meeting will be available for viewing on Rogers TV only as staff and members of Council will be participating in the meeting electronically. The open session portion of the meeting is posted on our YouTube Channel for viewing.


  • Mayor Doug Leroux proclaimed the week of July 27 to August 9, 2020 “Fierté Simcoe Pride Week.”
  • Council held the Statutory Public Meeting with respect to applications for a Draft Plan of Subdivision and associated Zoning By-law Amendment for the property known as Phase 4 of the Harbour Pointe subdivision. No members of the public spoke at the meeting and staff have been directed to follow up with a future report.  
  • Council held the Statutory Public Meeting to remove the Holding “H” Symbol from the property at 28 McArthur Drive and no comments were made.
  • Council received a presentation from Amanda Giles, Executive Director -Boys and Girls Club of North Simcoe regarding offering future services for Day Camp and youth programming in the Town of Penetanguishene
  • Council received a Memo from staff on comments from the public regarding the draft new Property Standards By-Law Public. Council held specific discussion regarding the graffiti regulations and requested a policy on procedures for enforcement and options for cost sharing be provided.
  • Council received a verbal report from the Chief Administrative Officer regarding the municipality’s COVID-19 situation update.
  • Council received the Business Recovery Task Force Terms of Reference. This task force is composed of the following three (3) members of Council: Councillor Debbie Levy, Councillor Jessica Klug and Deputy Mayor Anita Dubeau as well as staff representatives including the Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Planning and Community Development.
  • Council received the Recovery Framework and timelines for reopening and referred the report back to staff to amend the timelines as discussed.
  • Due to recent vacancies Council appointed the following members to the Committee of Adjustment; Councillor Jessica Klug and Deputy Mayor Anita Dubeau.
  • Council approved the Committee of the Whole resolutions from June 10th, 2020.
  • Council passed three bylaws including an amendment to the by-law to set the rate of taxation for the year 2020, a by-law prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property and a by-law to remove ‘H’ symbol from 28 McArthur Drive.

Committee of The Whole

  • Committee received Council Information package of July 8th, 2020 for information.
  • Committee received Midland Penetanguishene Transit Ridership Monthly Updates for information purposes.
  • Committee received an update regarding the Country Road 93 Multi-Use Trail Project.
  • Committee approved the funding application to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities through the Municipal Asset Management Program.  
  • Committee approved the disposals as outlined in the Disposal of Surplus Assets Report.
  • Committee approved staff recommendations for Drainage Improvements within Phase 2 of the Harbour Pointe Subdivision
  • Committee approved the purchase of a 2015 Vicinity Transit Bus.
  • Committee approved the quotation from Greenland Consulting to complete the scheduled B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the Robert Street /Fuller Avenue intersection improvement project.
  • Committee approved next steps for drafting a one-year agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of North Simcoe for the operations of a 2021 March Break and Summer Day Camp.
  • Committee recommended the approval of the Community Improvement Plan and Project area with minor modifications as per the staff recommendation.  Included in the recommendation was to accept applications to programs under the CIP as of September 1, 2020 and to allocate $25,000 in 2020 to implementation of the CIP
  • Committee received a report and staff recommendation to approve a draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment for the property at 1145 Fuller Avenue otherwise known as St. Andrew’s Village.
  • Committee received the COVID-19 Financial Impacts Update Report #4 for information.
  • Committee received the 2020 Scholarship Program Report for information.
  • Committee approved the allocation of funds as outlined in the Allocation of Municipal Modernization Funds Report.

Special Council:

  • Council received a verbal update from the Director of Human Resources regarding the Respect in the Workplace Complaint.

Upcoming Meetings and Events: *meeting subject to change/cancel due to ongoing COVID19 pandemic.  Please check our website for the most up to date information.

July 27, 2020 7:00PM

Committee of Adjustment

Electronic Meeting

August 12, 2020 7:00 PM


Electronic Meeting

August 12, 2020 7:30 PM

Committee of the Whole

Electronic Meeting

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