Notice of Procedural By-law Amendment - Presentations & Delegations

Posted on Friday October 01, 2021

The Council of the Town of Penetanguishene intends to pass an amendment to the Procedural By-law at its Regular Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday October 13, 2021 in the Council Chambers, Townhall, 10 Robert Street West, Penetanguishene.

The Procedural By-law governs the calling, place and proceedings of meetings of Council, Committees and Boards.

The proposed amendments to the By-law include:

  • Limit Presentations and Delegations to two (2) per meeting.
    Providing a maximum of two presentations or delegations will ensure that the time spent on presentations and delegations is limited to a twenty (20) minutes total
    during a meeting.  Exceptions to the two (2) per meeting can be authorized by the Mayor and CAO.

The draft Procedural By-law Amendments are available for viewing at Townhall. Any comments or inquiries should be directed to the Clerk on or before 12 noon on Wednesday October 13, 2021 in order to be considered by Council prior to the passing of the By-law.

Dated at Penetanguishene, Ontario this day
October 1, 2021
Stacey Cooper, Clerk