Mayor's Message - July 16 2017

Posted on Sunday July 23, 2017

Good morning, Bonjour

A busy weekend !

Everywhere we went was a sea of people having good fun, kicking back and discovering the beauty that is our area. Jan and I popped by the cupcake festival on Friday night and again on Saturday to find our Main Street being a hub of activity (high fives to Betty Crompton for a job well done!) , over in Midland the Duck drew 10’s of thousands of folks to the area and out in Tiny their picnic/fair was seeing good times had by all.  I noted the busyness of our local shops, restaurants, bars , including seeing cars parked on both sides of the road waiting to get into the castle on Balm Beach Road.     Best quote of the weekend goes to Councilor Debbie Levy who owns the Reading Room book store. Debbie states  “ Just wrapped up a busy weekend in Penetanguishene. The cupcake festival was a huge hit. The final tally was a gazillion people, and about a kabillion cupcakes”.  

I love tourism !

Despite the holiday like weekend for me I did manage to get some chores completed including finishing off the railing system on our front porch, Jan’s real happy, so that’s one person down and one to go, the other being the building inspector, I hope he is as happy as Jan !! He comes on Wednesday to inspect (queue the music from Law and Oder) !

With our good friends and neighbours from Beausoleil First Nation being so close to us we certainly recognize the need for reconciliation and it’s importance to not only our area, but to our entire country.  This past Friday, Deputy Mayor Anita and I saw off a group of Jesuits and Indigenous people embark on a 500-mile canoe pilgrimage, following the path of 17th-century Jesuit missionary St. Jean de Brebeuf and his First Nations guides. This journey coincides with the celebration of our 150th birthday and is aimed to promote deeper intercultural dialogue and understanding. By immersing Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in each other’s customs and traditions for an entire month, the Canadian Canoe Pilgrimage hopes to foster respect, trust, dialogue and of course build friendships, all critical elements and building blocks for reconciliation.  What I admire about this journey is that most of us speak about the need for reconciliation and it’s importance, this group of young people took it a large step further, they took action!  Their actions will raise awareness and do so in a most appropriate manner by replicating this historic canoe trip.  I wish them safe travels .

Back to tourism for a moment, next weekend will be another busy one, as we host our All Things Canadian Festival, we have the Urban Slide in town and Discovery Harbour will be invaded by pirates as they host the Pirates of the Bay event.  Arrrr Matey’s Penetanguishene is the place to be next weekend!

My week ahead remains reasonable light as we are in the midst of our version of a municipal recess. I attend a few business meetings, connect with Anita and CEO Jeff for a weekly update, attend an announcement for a new affordable housing complex in Barrie, attend a meeting regarding the new hospital build in Collingwood and attend a meeting with Orillia Mayor Steve Clarke and Rodney Noganosh, Chief of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation.

Well that is it for today, up next for me, well apparently a new porch rail system call’s for a new screen door, so off I go to tackle that, the box says installed in 30 minutes, hmmm 

Mayor Gerry