Residents are encouraged to get involved and express concerns regarding CNCC policing costs

Posted on Tuesday November 02, 2021
Mayor 2

November 2, 2021 – The Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC) Policing Cost increase remains a top priority for the Town of Penetanguishene Staff and Council.

Over the last year, Mayor Leroux has made several efforts to engage thoroughly with the Solicitor General (Minister Sylvia Jones) and our local MPP Jill Dunlop about this very issue, including a letter sent directly to the Solicitor General on October 12th, 2021.

To this date, MPP Dunlop’s office has acknowledged receipt of the letter, but very little progress has been made towards engaging in meaningful discussion.  Mayor Leroux is awaiting a reply to his follow up note dated October 28, 2021.

Since releasing the letter to the public on October 13, Council members have received an outstanding number of requests from community members looking for ways that they can get involved and express their dismay.

Council and Staff are encouraging members of the community to participate in a letter campaign directly to Minister Sylvia Jones and MPP Jill Dunlop, expressing any concerns they may have.

Letters and/or emails can be mailed to the following addresses, outlined below:

Hon. Sylvia Jones,
Solicitor General
George Drew Building,
18th Floor, 25 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, ON M7A 1Y6

Jill Dunlop,
MPP Simcoe North
295 King Street, Lower level, Suite 6
Midland, Ontario
L4R 3M5

In addition to letters and/or emails, residents are encouraged to create awareness through other outlets to show the vast number that have concerns.

The financial impact of the loss of the cost recovery is expected to be $373,952 for the upcoming 2022 year, increasing the tax levy for that matter alone by 3.3%, an average hike of $87 to each property in Town.  

“My position remains the same – Policing Costs at this Provincial facility are the single and sole responsibility of the Province of Ontario, not to be downloaded to the residents of Penetanguishene” says Mayor Leroux.“I will continue to express my concerns and hope to work together with Solicitor General Jones and MPP Jill Dunlop to discuss a resolution that has our community impact at the forefront.”

Our Municipal Council remains extremely committed to this issue and has every intention of holding the Province fully accountable to the agreement that’s been in place since the inception of the building in 2000.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Sarah Marshall
Communications and Technology Coordinator
Town of Penetanguishene