Town of Penetanguishene Goes Paperless for the 2018 Municipal Election

Posted on Thursday April 13, 2017

Town of Penetanguishene Council approved the use of internet and telephone voting for the 2018 Municipal Election, in place of the traditional paper ballot system. In 2014, the Town used Internet and telephone voting as well as a paper ballot poll on Election Day; 62% of all voters in 2014 utilized the electronic method.
"Penetanguishene stepped forward in North Simcoe in 2014 as a leader in technology, innovation and accessibility for the municipal election and we are pleased to be able to provide residents with this accessible form of voting for 2018," says Stacey Cooper, Town Clerk.

Penetanguishene voters will be able to cast their ballots online or by telephone from anywhere they have access to Internet or telephone connection. Residents will be able to vote remotely from various devices and alternatively will have the option of attending in-person locations equipped with electronic voting stations available on set dates and times throughout the voting period.

The benefits of internet voting include; enhancing service delivery, making the voting process more accessible by eliminating the need for travel to a voting location increasing flexibility for voters and better addressing accessibility issues for persons with disabilities, or people who are ill or away from home. “Including an in-person paperless method of voting we hope will ‘bridge the gap’ between paper ballot voting and fully digital voting processes.” said Chief Administrative Officer, Jeff Lees. “It allows the elector to attend a traditional voting place and cast his/her vote by the method permitted by the technology, such as touchscreen or mouse.”

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