About Our Cycling Strategy

Posted on Tuesday June 12, 2018

Penetanguishene’s Cycling Strategy will guide the Town to develop comfortable and attractive cycling infrastructure and programs over the next 10 years. We welcome participation from the public!

You are invited to participate and provide input during the course of the study! Examples of how you can get involved include:

The Cycling Strategy is an exciting project that will explore and identify opportunities to strengthen decision making and help prioritize infrastructure and cycling programs. The objective of the strategy is to provide a more comfortable environment for cyclists for residents who would like to cycle more often and visitors to explore Penetanguishene on bike.

How will we achieve our goals? 1. A Comprehensive review of Penetanguishene’s policy and infrastructure context; 2. Public and stakeholder engagement through online and in-person engagement; 3. Plan a connected, comfortable and attractive cycling network; 4. Identify priorities and develop an implementation strategy to guide investment; and 5. Identify outreach, education and enforcement programs to build a cycling culture.

Funding to complete the Penetanguishene Cycling Strategy is provided by the Province of Ontario.