Public Works

Public Works Building

Public Works is the department that provides the water you draw from the tap for your morning coffee or shower; the roads you drive on; and the environmental spaces within our community. The Mission Statement and Objectives of the Public Works Department are:

  • To preserve the existing physical infrastructure through lifecycle costing and to expand that inventory as required to meet existing and new demands for cost-effective municipal services;
  • To provide the residents of the Town of Penetanguishene with effective and timely maintenance of the Towns' roads, boulevards and sidewalks to the standards established by the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards;
  • To meet the Province of Ontario Drinking Water Standards and the Town's Certificate of Approvals for the taking and treating of water;
  • To meet the Provincial Certificate of Approval requirements for the treatment of waste water;
  • To ensure that stormwater is effectively managed and treated before being discharged into Georgian Bay;
  • Maintain all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping for municipal departments and services

The Public Works Department is made up of 3 Divisions.  Click on the title for addition information about each division.