Main Street Reconstruction

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Main Street Reconstruction Project
From Wolfe Street to Thompsons Road
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Main Street Reconstruction Design

Background and Project Scope:

At the meeting of March 22, 2017 Town of Penetanguishene Council made a decision to re-tender the Main Street Reconstruction project to instead begin in 2018.  The tender will include a one (1) and two (2) year option and plans (to be released May 2017) with a bid deadline of August 2017.  The 2018 reconstruction project will replace aged underground infrastructure, as well as see the installation of revitalized sidewalks, roadways and streetscaping.

The project was originally scheduled to take place starting April 2017, however due to the project quote received being significantly higher than anticipated, it was determined that delaying the project and reissuing the tender for 2018 would be the best approach to re-evaluate the financial considerations.

"Council and staff are committed to ensuring the project is the most cost-effective and efficient reconstruction project for the Town's main street" said the Town's CAO, Jeff Lees. "We will be working with the consultant and prequalified contractors to bring forward the project details for 2018."

"Main Street has been in need of reconstruction for many years," said Mayor Gerry Marshall. "I know residents and businesses have been looking forward to this for a long time, but as a Council it's our job to ensure we make the most financially responsible decision."

Main Street Reconstruction project recieves funding (News Article - July 2015)

Pubilc Information Session - Main Street Reconstruction Streetscaping Presentation (October 3, 2016)  (please note: the presentation from Envision Tatham on the streetscaping design outlines the streetscaping design features only and that the actual as-built design may differ) 

Project Limits Map

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What measures will be in place during construction to minimize the disruption to residents and businesses located on the Main Street?

The selected contractor will be required to maintain traffic and pedestrian access through and around the working area(s) on site to the extent possible. A Traffic Control Plan will be submitted by the contractor prior to construction for review and approval by the engineer and Town which will outline the required signage and detours required for each section of the Main Street. Traffic control persons will also be provided by the contractor at each end of a road closure to assist the public, residents and business owners with access to their residence or business.

Who will I be able to contact during the project to assist me if I have a concern or issue related to the construction?

In addition to town staff and the engineering consultant's on-site inspector, the Contractor will have a dedicated Public Relations Officer (PRO) to act as a liaison with residents and businesses on the Main Street. The PRO will be available at all times during the project to respond to general inquiries and complaints and provide project status information. The contact information for the PRO will be made available to residents and businesses so that critical project issues can be addressed promptly after hours.

Will the use of construction equipment (Excavators, Vibratory Packers etc.) adjacent to my residence/business damage or affect my building?

Due to the close proximity of many buildings to the road allowance damage to buildings and foundations from the use of excavation and vibratory compaction equipment is possible. It is recommended that all property owners located along the Main Street remove any pictures or valuables that are hung on walls for the duration of the project and to gather a photographic record (with digital date stamps) of their building and property.

The contractor will be required to complete a pre-condition survey of all properties in close proximity to the construction site prior to the start of construction on site. The pre-condition survey report provided by the contractor will be referred to should claim(s) arise from the construction project.

Will garbage and recycling collection be impacted for my business/residence during construction?

The contractor will be responsible to ensure all garbage and recycling bins from each residence and business that is affected by construction activities is collected to allow the scheduled disposal of garbage and recyclables by the County of Simcoe. The recycling and garbage bins will need to be marked by each property owner with their address so that they can be returned to their respective owner.

Will My Services Be Affected?

Telephone, Electrical, Cable, Bell, sewer and gas services may be affected due to the nature of the construction.  Water service will also likely be briefly disturbed during the replacement of the water main.  A minimum of 48 hours notice will be provided to the affected residence prior to any interruptions with the water service.

What about Emergency Vehicle Access?

Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at ALL times.

If you require wheelchair access, home care visits, etc, special arrangements will be made with the successful contractor to ensure these special needs are met. 

Next Steps

Once a contractor has been selected a pre-construction meeting will be held in April 2017 by the Town to allow residents, business owners and the public at large to meet Town staff, the engineering consultant and contractor and discuss specific concerns related to the project.

Main Street Reconstruction Project limits