Trail in Rotary Park

Penetanguishene Trail - A vital Trans Canada Trail link between Tiny Trail and the Midland Rotary Waterfront Trail. Two other trails also branch from the main trail including the Copeland Creek Trail and the Discovery Harbour Trail. Penetanguishene's trails lead to points of interest along the waterfront and are never far from amenities. While exploring these trails, you are also experiencing the history of this area including Samuel de Champlain, Etienne Brule and the Huron Nation.

Trans Canada Trail - This trail begins at the border of Tiny Township in the west along the waterfront of Penetanguishene connecting with the Town of Midland at Penetanguishene's southerly boundary. The trail consists of limestone, asphalt, and paved sidewalk sections with a total length of 2.5 km.

Discovery Harbour Trail - this 3.0 km trail begins at the Port of Historic Penetanguishene along the waterfront heading east where lumber mills, tanneries and a grand hotel once stood. Trail is a paved asphalt trail that leads to Discovery Harbour.

Copeland Trail - this trail is a connection off of the TCT trail and heads along Copeland Creek over provincially significant habitat areas, and along Champlain Road. The trail is 1.25 km in length and has floating docks, bridges and crushed limestone for walking.

Fox Run Trail - a new natural trail that began in 2012 across from the Ecology Garden, this trail connects Fox Street to Church Street through a natural wooded area of native species trees and plants. Terrain is steep in sections.

Payette Trail - another new natural trail mapped out in 2012, this trail has many loops in a natural setting by the Payette water tower.

Tom Coffin Trail - this newly named trail adjoining Tom Coffin Memorial Park will connect Edward Street and Robert Street West. Work is just beginning!